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 Starting to Role Play

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PostSubject: Starting to Role Play   Starting to Role Play I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 13, 2007 5:47 pm

If you are new to roleplaying, it is best to start with a reply to a roleplay already started. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Browse a bit before you join. look around. Get a feel for the site.
2. Go to the home page.
3. Scroll down to the topics
4. Look at the column to the right of each topic.
5. Click on one that has a 1 or greater in that column.
6. Click on one of the topics.
7. Read what it says.
8. Scroll down to see if there are any replies.
9. Read the replies if there are any.
10. Click Reply.

Now it is your turn to enter the story! Here are some tips for writing your reply:

1. Do not start the action right away.
2. Enter the scene in an interesting way.
3. Introduce yourself to the character(s).

Once you have introduced yourself, you can do several things for the main idea of your reply. Here are some ideas and examples:

1. Give a clue to your past.

EXAMPLE: "Midnight pawed the earth as she waited, looking at the ground. Why had she made such a sudden greeting? Hadn't she had enough experience with those who hated her outward approach? She inwardly scolded herself. You should have known better, she thought bitterly, it's your own fault everybody's left you. It is only because of you that you're all alone now."

2. Expect something.

EXAMPLE: "Midnight gazed into the stallion's eyes, awaiting his response. Her heart was beating hard in her chest. Would he approve of her, or would he send her away? As she waited, a terrible feeling came over her. He was going to send her away, she knew it. Why would he want a mare such as her in his herd?"

3. Express your character's personality.

EXAMPLE: "Midnight half reared, tearing around the colt in wild excitement. A friend! A friend! she thought gleefully. He was just her age and cute, too! She paused and looked at the colt before her, awaiting his response as she trembled with excitement."

Those are just three examples of what you could write in your reply. You do not really need a specific ending to your reply. Leave it open-ended for others to post after you.

Hope this helped! For additional advice, you can post under the Help board.

..............I just noticed I used only a horse.......that was weird!
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Starting to Role Play
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