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Founder Admin

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PostSubject: Ranks   Ranks I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2007 3:49 pm

Just thought you would like to know the ranks. I know i would XD Im not the one who made them after all. Porichi did this part ^.^

Special Ranks

Founder Admin
Ranks Rank_founder

Co Admin
Ranks Alt_ra10

Ranks R_rank10

Black Star Mod
Ranks ModBlack

Chat Box Mod
Ranks Stars6

Member Ranks

Scamper-Chan 0 posts
Ranks Rank_0
Nibbler-Chan 100 posts
Ranks Rank_1
Rock Star-Sama 300 posts
Ranks Rank_2
Super Hero-Dono 500 posts
Ranks Rank_3
Samurai-Sensai 700 posts
Ranks Rank_4
Master-Senpai 900 posts
Ranks Rank_5
Master-Senpai 901 posts
Ranks Rank_6
Dark Master 950 posts
Ranks Rank_banned
MVRP 2000 posts
Ranks Rank_mvp

Ranks Hellsing
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