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 You may inflict your wrath on me -_-

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Founder Admin

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PostSubject: You may inflict your wrath on me -_-   Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:24 pm

Why? ... Well because I'm the worst admin EVER!! DX I'm beyond worst... I'm the most uncaring evil vile admin ever >.>

but now that i really have time to be on the internet... Though i had left the site to porichi... we have discussed and realized last week... that well ... we might have forgotten all about the site X.X

So now as you memebers who have already probably abandonded this site... I've come to say....


Even though you probably hate me now... I still love all of you! You... you guys held on to the site for so long *sniff* I'm so unworthy of you guys T_T

So now that i have time. I hope the site can reach its full compasity as a roleplaysite. =3

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You may inflict your wrath on me -_-
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