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 Otaku Zen!

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PostSubject: Otaku Zen!   Fri Feb 08, 2008 8:53 pm

Otaku Zen!

Chapter 1





Zenny: Alright.... someone has to do the intros! >.<

Marik: You do it....

Zenny: Why me!?

Marik: Because I said so -.-

Zenny: *sticks tonngue out at Marik* Make me!

Yami:.... This isn't going to turn out well.... *steps back*

Bakura: *does the same*

Marik and Zenny: *anger sparks flashing*

Zenny: ..........

Marik: ...........


Bakura:..... What happened to the fight?

Zenny: Don't ask me, I was waiting for Marik to do something -.-;

Marik: Sure, make me do all the work....

Yami: Not like you really do anyhing already O.o

Marik: What was that pharoh?

Yami: Nothing *moves behind Zenny*

Zenny: ....... Why do I feel like the mother of you guys?

Bakura: Should you?

Zenny: No! I'm only 14 man!

Yami: She has a point you know.

Marik: Alright alright, can we just get on with the intros?

Zenny: Oh yeah! ^.^; Sorry 'bout that

Bakura: Suuuure >.>

Zenny: Oh shut it *clears throat and smiles* Hey there! I'm Zenny, these are my friends Pharoh Atem, but we call him Yami.

Yami: Hey

Zenny: And those two over there are Bakura and Marik, they were once enemies of Yami, but we put them on the right track.... took a while though....

Yami: Where are the others? *looks around*

Marik: I havn't seen them either....

Bakura: Off and about I suppose....

Zenny: Better not pop up behind me -.-;

Yami: Oh i'm sure they will....

Bakura: *looks around before finding paintball gun* Kukuku >=D

Zenny: *blinks* Uh... where did he find that?

Yami: Don't know don't care.... just run!

Marik: Agreed! *runs*

Zenny and Yami: *runs after and hides in tree*

Bakura: *fireing randomly*

Zenny:..... Alright, lets continue till he runs out of ammo... We live in a place called the Lake Manison...

Marik: Obvious name *points at lake*

Zenny: Yes well.... I found this place while walking around the forest one day, I fixed it up and I now have a place to live!

Bakura: *pops up in the tree* Zen's parents died when she was a kid

Yami: *hits Bakura with a paper fan* Don't mention that Bakura.

Bakura: X.X *falls out of the tree*

Zenny: *stays quiet*

Marik: Now look what he did, he made her upset -.-;

Yami: He brought up her past, you know she does this. *sighs and holds Zenny*

Zenny: *blushes a light red and twitches ears*

Yami: I guess I will do the rest of the intros, Zenny is a kitsune as you can plainly see *tweaks Zenny's ears and moves her tail*

Zenny: *looks up at Yami and blinks before looking down at the ground* I'm 5'4", I think I stopped growing i'm not sure -.-; Um what else... I just started high school-

Marik: In other words, shes a freshie. Fresh meat I should say >=D

Zenny:*bears fangs*

Marik: *scoots down branch*

Zenny: Anyways... once I found the mansion, I slept my first night here, I got lost in the middle of the night and was caught in the dark. There was a thunder storm going on outside so it made things even more creepy for me -.-;

Yami: But your slowly getting over your fear ^.^

Zenny: I know I know, hmm.... I found my way into the basement that night... I was scared, cold, my fur was standing on end -.-; Um.... Yami managed to find his way into the mansion that night and he heard me crying downstairs. He helped me back to a room and stayed with me! ^.^

Yami: And i'm not leaving anytime soon.

Zenny: Yay!

Marik: *looks down at Bakura* You knocked him out pretty good Yami...

Yami: I think your right for once... *looks down at Bakura before looking at Zenny as she got down*

Zenny: Come on guys! Its getting late and I need help draggin' Bakura back inside. -.-

Yami: Coming *jumps down with Marik before bringing Bakura inside*

Zeny: *takes the paintball gun and twitches ears before putting it in a safe* There, now only I can get it.

Marik: Man -.- I wanted to use it!

Yami: ......


Bakura: X.X.....

Zenny: Alright then.... well.... we'll see if the others get back, as for now, we say so long!

Yami: *waves slightly* See ya

Marik: *tries to open safe*

Bakura: *still out*

To Be Continued!
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Otaku Zen!
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